An element of furniture very appreciated in any context. Quick to install, it allows creating fluid shapes of great architectural impact and offers considerable advantages.


Uniform diffusion of the light


Reduction of the reverberation


Energy saving


Cleaning and hygiene in the laying


Also ideal in humid environments

Larger dimensions perceived

The environment appears larger

Frequently asked questions

All types of forms are realizable, requiring only a metallic substructure or the employ of “vertebral/spine” profiles along the surface perimeter to be covered. Find some possible forms illustrated in the photo gallery.

Over than 250 colors are available and finishes can be of different types including: lacquered, translucent, metallic, satin, opaque, micro perforated, flocked, acoustic.

The dimension limit of a single sheet is of 50 square meters, beyond which a technical profile of separation must be positioned in order to avoid the “tent effect”. Besides these measures, it is possible to install a single sheet but, in addition to the risk to breakage during the assembly, it is essential to apply it at a height of at least 5-6 meters, making not visible the “tent effect”. In technical terms, for the first 2 meters the “arrow” is zero, and for each additional meter the lowering of the sheet is of 1 cm.

Maintenance has the hourly cost of a specialized worker, in addition to the call that has a fixed cost. The operation of removal and re-assemblage is very quick.

Sheets can cover an entire surface (room or other) and are inspectable on each point to “n. times”, always with the use of warm air generator. If you have a doubt about this material, by now proven for over 40 years, it is possible to build panels for inspection of every shape and dimension with visible or hidden structure or according to a special sketch.